Altars · Relationships

Altar: For a Friend

Friendship and relationships help ground and assist us throughout life. I am fortunate to have a few very close friends, but one in particular who has helped me grow so much over the last several years. Maybe even more importantly, she’s trusted me enough to accept my friendship and support as well.

She’s had a rough week or two, so I made a small arrangement to send love and goodwill her way ♥ ♥ ♥

  • VIII Strength: Patient determination and inner strength.
  • Page of Swords: Overcoming setbacks by pressing forward, acting with integrity and enthusiasm for one’s self and one’s future.
  • Bloodstone: Set alongside the Page to bolster healing power.
  • Malachite: Cornering Strength to bring balance in all relationships.
  • Emerald: Centering the spread with hope, friendship, and healing of the heart.
  • Lapiz lazuli: Aligned at the bottom center to encourage love, bring protection, as well as sight to find solutions.
  • Quartz: Clear quartz to amplify the effect of other stones and fortify the arrangement.


Credit: Dreaming Way Tarot. Gem meanings sourced from


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