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Altar: Spring Change

Weekends are always difficult times for me, as weird as that sounds. I work a M-F job with consistent hours, decent (but not overwhelming) workload, and I’m always looking forward to kicking back over the weekend. However, anxiety makes free time a double-edged sword.

Weekends descend and I’m wondering: What’s the most effective use of my time? There are always chores around the house to do (tidying and laundry being my #1 priorities), but there’s also hanging out with friends, tending to our new garden plot, and making progress on video games. (I’m making slow but consistent progress through Persona 5, which will probably eventually have its own blog post. Or series…) All of the options and potential repercussions are overwhelming.

So, picture my surprise when yesterday, Saturday, I wake up, have a lovely morning and breakfast with my partner before dropping them off at work, and accomplish MANY tasks I wasn’t expecting to tackle. I washed, folded and put away 7 loads of laundry, tidied up the living room, sorted through clothes to give away (a never-ending project), tidied the bathroom (always a pile of clothes from the week), cleaned the cats’ litter boxes, organized the closet, and washed some dishes. I’m sure there are smaller projects I’m forgetting (like feeding myself otl), but the overwhelming message is: I got shit DONE. It was by far my most productive Saturday in a long while.

…which is why, when I got out of bed this morning at 9:00am (unheard of with a 7am job and three cats), I wanted to preserve that feeling, hang onto the productivity and the welcoming spring sun.

Leading us to today’s altar:

  • Eight of Cups: For moving on, letting go of a hopeless situation, journey, signs of overdue change, and realization.
  • Citrine: A small point mirroring the card’s illustration to open the mind to new thoughts, balance impatience and restlessness, and promote optimism.
  • Peridot: Scattered along the center of the card for encouraging openness, prosperity, and growth.
  • Amethyst: A sphere in the upper corner to encourage clarity and calm.
  • Garnet: Three to ground the remaining corners and provide vitality and stamina in the face of a new journey.


I’m very pleased with this arrangement, and will likely leave this up for a few weeks to come.

Until next time!

Credit: My primary tarot deck right now is the Dreaming Way Tarot. Gem meanings sourced from GemSelect.


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