Altars · Self-Care

Altar: Good Fortune

We can all use some good fortune in our lives. I set this altar up on a whim a few weeks back – here are the components:

  • Wheel of Fortune: For good fortune, of course, but also the insight to find answers that lead us to new opportunities.
  • Rose Quartz: Always good for calming and gentle love.
  • Citrine: To encourage abundance. One of my favorite citrines I own, with a large area of clear quartz.
  • Heart Pin: An item from one of my favorite webcomics to commemorate strength and durability of the soul.
  • Wax Flower: A scented curiosity I picked up while on vacation with my partner over the Christmas holidays. Overflowing with beauty and abundance.

These are all items taken from my larger altar, my collection of gems and nice things. I love to include items like the wax flower and my heart pin that have significance and reverence in my heart, because they can bring as much benefit as the gems can.


Credit: My primary tarot deck right now is the Dreaming Way Tarot.


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